BLOWN UP #16 with Timothy Thatcher


BLOWN UP#16 with Timothy Thatcher

Wait? Something is not right? Why are they writing in English? What happened?
Don’t panic. This is okay. We just uploaded our very first episode in English!

Because there are many very interesting people out there who don’t speak German very well (for example Alex Buchholz after too many beers) we decided to do an English episode. Everything will be in English: the theme, the intro, everything! It is amazing!!!!

But who did we pick as a well-deserved first guest? None other, than the amazing TIMOTHY THATCHER!

AVALANCHE Robert Dreissker & Felix ‚Shooter‘ Schulz sat down with Tim during wXw 16 Carat Gold 2019 and talked about his career, choice and consequences of living in Germany, Anime and so much more.
The audio quality is sadly not perfect, as we taped it somewhere in a corner during wXw Road to New York City, so sorry for that, but please enjoy it and follow us on
and Spotify & iTunes
and look out for the British Bulldog on the thumbnail, because when it’s on it, it will be in Englisch.

Enough talk…Enjoy:…/blown-up-16-with-timothy-thatcher

Ein herzliches „Sorry“ an Alle die kein oder wenig englisch verstehen. Wir werden natürlich weiterhin hauptsächlich auf deutsch veröffentlichen, aber da es auch sehr viele sehr spannende Menschen gibt, die kein deutsch reden, haben wir uns entschlossen ab und an auch mal was englisches zu machen. ^^

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